Au revoir, Dr Patrick-André Chéné

It was with sincere sadness that the Sophrology community learned of the recent death of Dr Patrick-André Chéné, a very significant and respected person within the Sophrology world.

Dr Patrick-André Chéné was a man of many talents and gifts. Through his work as an obstetrician, he facilitated the joy of new life for many families. As a skilled and experienced Sophrologist, he founded, led and taught at The Académie de Sophrologie, a renowned Sophrology School. He was a creative communicator, who was adept at transmitting the concept of Sophrology as an ‘art of living’. He did this with ease and simplicity, and many people have benefitted from his ability to share both the simplicity and depth of human life.

In fact, not only did Dr Chéné introduce the Sophrology method to his students, he lived by example. He exuded his Sophrology values with every single practice. After his sessions and talks participants were left with a strong understanding and a lasting imprint of what ‘living’ Sophrology meant. This constancy made Dr Patrick-André Chéné a ‘giant’ of Sophrology, a true inspiration to emulate and respect.

Because of his work, and his ability to instil his values in others, his achievements will now continue. Those that knew him and learned from him, are truly grateful to have had that opportunity. We will continue where he left off, passing his wisdom and knowledge on to our patients and our peers.

Patrick- André and The Sophrology Network:
One of the fundamental values of Sophrology is for practitioners to connect as a group and a community. It is certainly true that Patrick- André was a leader of a large and growing community of Sophrologists.

The Académie de Sophrologie has trained many Sophrologists. In fact, in 2001, during the early days of The Sophrology Network, all French Sophrologists were trained by Patrick-André and his team.

It was a few years later that Dr Chéné and his wife – Sophrologist Chantal Tortochot – travelled to London to meet with the founders of The Sophrology Network. They met on more than one occasion to discuss the need for advancement of the therapy through the English language. The Sophrology Network founders, Dominique Antiglio, Annick Glasgow, Fatou Lefeuvre, Florence Pasteur and Brigitte Rinner, were delighted and inspired by Dr Chéné’s enthusiasm as they examined the need and desire to introduce Sophrology and teach its benefits to more people.

It is in part a testimony to his interest and encouragement that the demand for Sophrology to be delivered in English has grown. Today it is stronger than ever, attracting more interest and having a lasting impact in the culture of health and well-being.

To dear Patrick-André from all in the Sophrology world.
We thank you from our hearts for your profound legacy. Au revoir, and may you now rest in peace.

Through his dual undertaking of both medical and philosophical studies, Dr Patrick-André Chéné was interested and skilled in both the scientific reasoning of the method and its existential and phenomenological aspects.

Dr Patrick-André Chéné founded and led Academy of Sophrology. It was his goal to transmit his deep understanding of the originality of the method beyond simple ‘recipes’. This approach, and his techniques, gave each student the ability to adapt to each situation in the infinite field of possible applications of Sophrology. His Academy was recognized among all Sophrologists as a place to create, promote and disseminate Sophrology, both at its fundamental core and in all its subsequent evolutions.

Working with Prof. Caycedo
Dr Chéné worked closely with the Prof. Caycedo for over fifteen years. During this time, he shared Prof. Caycedo’s learnings and followed him with uninterrupted fidelity in his development and his research. This enabled him to later contribute to the evolution of Sophrology.

Reference books:
Doctor Chéné is one of the most respected authors of reference books in Sophrology. Prefaced by Professor Caycedo himself, his books were the first to transcribe and develop, in French, the founder’s thought and methodology. Because of this, they are an authority in the field of Sophrology education


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