Discover Sophrology

Discover Sophrology

Indications and Benefits

Sophrology is a simple method for mental and physical wellbeing based on a practice that blends relaxation, breathing, movement and visualisation. The method was created by Dr. Alfonso Caycedo in 1960, and is designed to help each and every one unlock their true potential and transform their daily lives.

Sophrology helps to balance and harmonise your mind and body. It does not depend on age or fitness. In this way, it has many benefits across the whole span of your life. Once learned, the skills are within you – ready to ‘plug into’ at different times, whenever needed.  

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Stress and Health

  • Learning to relax and let go of tension and problems
  • Coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety
  • Sleep improvement and better energy levels
  • Dealing with emotions and burnout
  • Preparing for medical interventions
  • Preparing for the journey of pregnancy, birth and parenthood


  • Living in the present; confident for the future
  • Developing resilience and adaptability
  • Developing values and a sense of self
  • Relationships


  • Increase in focus, concentration and memory
  • Preparation for performance events such as speeches, exams and competitions
  • Sport performance
  • Increased creativity
  • Self-confidence and self-awareness

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