Online Courses & Videos

  • BeSophro offers a range of short online courses to discover or dive deep into the practice of Sophrology. Whether you are looking to overcome stress, sleep better, feel more positive or learn to let go, click here.
  • London Sophro offers a package of 5 videos to practice Sophrology with your kids. Each video is a session that you can practice with your child where Berangere and her daughter show 15 minutes of dynamic exercises and 15 minutes of visualisation to listen to. To get, click here.


Sophrologie Flowing Podcast, by Master in Sophrology, Osteopath, Acupuncturist and TSN co-Founder Florence Pasteur – an enriching conversation between 3 ladies about self-care and Sophrology. In French. 

Become a Sophrologist

  • The Sophrology Academythe SA develops professional expertise in Sophrology and Well-being offering a range of training courses to learn how to help others manage stress, sleep and life balance. Their programs notably are aimed at those looking for a career change or to gain even more expertise in their existing profession as a therapist, counsellor, coach, midwife, teacher, sports coach, or as an HR professional.
  • The two-year Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Sophrology is accredited by the Société Française de Sophrologie and the CMA in the UK.
    For more information visit their website or email SA

“Sophrology is the secret ingredient that was missing from my life! I’m so glad I discovered The Diploma course at the Academy in Ashford and I am so excited to bring Sophrology to Scotland.”Nadia

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