Sophrology Levels


Sophrology Levels

Sophrology is flexible. Its great advantage is that you can take it as far as you want, and all in your own time. There are 12 levels.

For many, making a start and learning some methods to practise regularly is all they require to improve their personal situation. Others make the decision to ‘dig deeper’. 

Either approach is absolutely fine.

transform consciousness

Discover, master, transform

Sophrology allows you to first discover, then master, and eventually transform consciousness… a fascinating, individual unveiling that will give you benefits as soon as you begin, and that you can take forward as far as you want.

Steps of Sophrology: as referenced from The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology, a book by Sophrologist and BeSophro founder, Dominique Antiglio.

Step 1: Body

Your Body as an Anchor

Step 2: Mind

Our Mind and its Infinite Possibilities

Step 3: Union

The Union of Body and Mind

Step 4: Values

Your Values as your Guide

Steps 5 to 8: Energy

Consciousness as Energy

Steps 9 to 12: True Self

Living Life as your True Self

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