Who Benefits from Sophrology?

Adaptable, Accessible and Gentle

In short, anyone!

Sophrology is adaptable, accessible and gentle. This makes it suitable for all ages and abilities. Your Sophrologist will be fully qualified and have supplied the necessary documentation to TSN. They can answer your specific questions, and assess how to tailor a session to your needs and goals.

As well as all individuals, Sophrology also benefits specific groups:

Professionals & Companies

The business world can be a pressured environment:
Increase resilience and flexibility; learn to manage stress; improve productivity; develop individuals and teams to their full potential.

Health & Medical

A medical environment can take its toll on both practitioners and patients: Promote the wellbeing, energy and focus of all staff; use the power of Sophrology to reduce pain; aid successful recovery from operations and illness; encourage a positive approach to a sustained improvement.

Athletes & Creatives

To achieve and maintain success there is a need to be: Consistently motivated and balanced; able to rise to a high level of performance; focused over a long period of time; prepared mentally in advance; able to recover effectively. Sophrology works both on an individual basis and for the whole team.


Develop a positive attitude towards exam preparation; calmly plan for the future; relax and improve concentration and focus; maintain balanced energy levels in all you do.

Pregnancy & Parenthood

Pregnancy and early parenthood is a magical but sometimes challenging time: Enjoy preparing positively as your body changes; learn techniques for the birth process; manage effectively in the early days and as your family grows.


Events, stress and change can be hard to cope with: Find harmony in family relationships; deal effectively with the sometimes unpredictable cycles of daily life; use Sophrology’s adaptable techniques for positive interactions between couples, parents and children.

Schools & Education

School life can be stressful for both students and teachers: Teach pupils techniques to relax and concentrate; help students learn to calmly concentrate, understand and improve their learning process; enable them to cope with increased pressure. Teachers benefit, too – with quick and easy coping methods to access during a busy day.


Sophrology is versatile. It can be introduced to any group or individual, adapting to a variety of goals or needs.

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