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Annette Ebbinghaus
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Qualified & Master in SophrologyRegistered Reflexologist and Reiki Master, Hypnosis & NLP Practitioner, HeartMath® Coach, PQ Coach, Professional Engineer, MBA
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Online, Face to face
Burn-Out, Exam And Event Preparation, Stress Management
One to one session, Group session
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One to One (online and in-person)
Group courses and workshops (online and in-person)

I work in both stress management, goal achievement through transforming anxious energy into calm confidence.

First, as the founder of the beChill® exams and life programs I with adolescents and young adults helping them manage their performance stress & anxiety due to exams, performances in sports or creative pursuits, their first job, their first time away from home and phobias or fears. With the brain in a big developmental stage at this point in life, the brain of adolescents is more susceptible to stress and anxiety than at any other point in life. This is the stage in life to teach good well-being practices that can be adopted throughout life.

Secondly I work in the area of well-being with an emphasis on burnout prevention and recovery for working and at-home parents, school staff and those living and work abroad.

For Sophrologist that would like to include working with adolescents in their services I offer a certification program in the beChill® exams and life programs. Certification programs are offered a few times each year. The program includes an supporting App for students that participate in the program

One to one sessions begin with an assessment of needs with a plan of between 5 and 6 sessions and sometimes 3 months depending on the situation. We begin with bi or tri-weekly meetings as desired by the individual. For longer term clients a monthly program can be desirable after a certain period.

For those in burnout or near burnout, I add reflexology, massage, or reiki session between sophrology sessions to have a larger impact on the physical body and energy levels.

Group Sessions in the form of courses or workshops are available for parents, families, those with sleep issues and for those that want to move through the first four levels of Sophrology as a practice. Bespoke webinars and courses are available for school well-being initiatives for both students and staff.

Most courses begin with a pre-assessment and finish with a post-assessment.

Online Apps are available for use with HeartMath®, Positive Intelligence® and the beChill® Exams and Life programs which assist long term behavioural change and improved well-being.

As a certified reflexologist, massage therapist, reiki master, NLP and Hypnosis practitioner, HeartMath® and Positive Intelligence® coach I am able to offer my clients a blend of well-being opportunities depending on their needs and preferences.

I had moved continents 4 times and the fourth time I realized that I needed to find something to help me be more grounded, move a little slower and less stressed.

Up to that point I was a “Wonder Woman” mother, wife, volunteer, and small business owner. The fourth move just did me in. I had to start everything over and in different language and I also wanted to find more peace in my full days. The practice of Sophrology transformed me and the way I approached communications, relationships and how I thought about being driven toward accomplishments. Becoming a Sophrologist positively impacted my life in all aspects.

A few years later my husband and I had to face our life’s biggest challenge which lasted 10 years. It was filled with revelations, criminal proceedings, bankruptcies, and use trying to make sense of the Suisse legal system which is not set up for the common person. This is a long story and we had to deal with at time weekly and always monthly surprises and crisis to work through. My Sophrology practice and business is what really saved me, and I believe my entire family.

"I was introduced to Annette and initially visited her for a specific muscular issue. Shortly after our first sessions an unexpected professional event occurred, and we decided together to embark on some work focusing on keep me from falling over the edge. Annette was good at explaining the considerably larger dimension of sophrology than I never knew existed. These sessions were a true game changer both in helping me handle this peak stress period but also as a tool for balancing my intense energy levels. The exercises offered a combination that worked on the body, breathing, involved physical movement to create relaxation and included visualisations.

Something very useful about sophrology - you can do it anywhere you wish. Whereas a massage can only be done with a masseuse at a specific location and time. You can bring sophrology wherever you go and choose the most suitable exercise depending on where you are and how much time you have (before a meeting/ on a plane/ train). It is important to note that, as with most things, you must take time to practice regularly to gain the positive effects it will have on your body and mind, and the people around you".

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