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Welcome to The Sophrology Network

Why Join The Sophrology Network?

The Sophrology Network (TSN) is an online hub and a community. If you are a Qualified Sophrologist or Student in Sophrology with a good understanding of English you can join us. TSN also introduces clients to the many benefits of Sophrology – and connects them directly with you

TSN promotes the benefits of Sophrology; it is an effective way to help you work online and face to face – globally and locally.

TSN is a supportive, empowering and professional global community of qualified Sophrologists (and students studying to become qualified Sophrologists) collaborating to share best practice and news. We hope you will join us!

“The website is very useful for students like me, as we know too well that, as soon as the training will be over, we’ll feel more isolated as new professionals. We students need the support of a community that we can rely on and from people who have been practising for a long time. ”

Anne-Valéry REIGNER – student in Sophrology

How does TSN benefit you?

Qualified Sophrologists, Masters in Sophrology and Sophrology students aiming for a professional diploma can join the Sophrology Network. (Find out more details on admission criteria here.)

  • Connect directly with interested clients locally and globally through your personal profile featured on our website.
  • Increase visibility for your practice, events and classes by featuring them on our website.
  • Make appointments, online or face to face.
  • Join a community: share ideas and contribute to a positive, effective global future.
  • Be part of a professional, friendly, global network that champions best practice and values.
  • Learn business and marketing insights from established Sophrologists.
  • Join forces to create Sophrology events and projects.
  • Share and learn best practice, ideas and news with Sophrologists and Sophrology students.
  • Promote the benefits of Sophrology to an English speaking audience.
  • Practice Sophrology for yourself and learn from other Sophrologists’ guidance.
  • Receive the regular TSN Sophrology Newsletter and join our online meetings

How does TSN benefit your clients?

  • Clients discover what Sophrology is, and how it can help them transform their lives.
  • Easily search and view profiles using the Sophrology Network Directory.
  • Choose a Sophrologist or class  – locally, globally – online or face to face.
  • Locate a Sophrologist with the specialist area they need.
  • Find the right Sophrologist for them, wherever they live.

Sophrology is growing… and demand for Sophrologists is increasing.

Be part of the movement.

Sophrology has long been established in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain. Now it is growing and recognised globally: frequently mentioned in the press, and viewed as a versatile method of coping with the pressures of modern life and achieving balance and positivity.

Using TSN, you can reach clients locally, nationally and across the English-speaking world. 

Now is the right time to join a global platform that connects clients and Sophrologists.

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