BeSophro’s new online course: RELAX, RESET & OVERCOME STRESS 

Practice Sophrology Online with BeSophro’s New online course RELAX, RESET & OVERCOME STRESS 

BeSophro’s online Sophrology course will introduce you to the life-changing power of Sophrology as you practice Sophrology online with Dominique Antiglio, a globally sought-after Sophrologist and best-selling author who studied with Professor Alfonso Caycedo, the Founder of the method.

All you need is a chair, a pen and notepad and Dominique will guide through Sophrology’s unique blend of relaxation, breathing, simple movements and visualization to transform your daily life.

The course will give you:

  • Simple and effective ways to overcome stress and tiredness
  • Tools to help you thrive under pressure
  • Strategies to calm your mind(in any situation!)
  • A way to gain clarity and increase your positivity in daily life
  • An empowering journey to create the life you want
  • An easy way to learn the basic foundation practice of Sophrology

This course includes videos and Sophrology audio practices.

You’ll be guided by  Dominique step by step to overcome your stress and unlock your true potential.

This introductory course is divided into 5 sessions. Each session lasts no more than 30 minutes and includes a Knowledge and Into the Practice video as well as an audio-guided Sophrology practice.

The full course includes:

Knowledge Videos

  • Which give you an understanding of the basic concepts about stress, how we can relax and take control again using Sophrology’s basic principles and methodology

Into the Practice videos

  • Which demonstrate the practical Sophrology exercises

5 downloadable audio practices

  • To guide you through your Sophrology practice where you will practice the exercises yourself. These practices can be reused to help you in future situations and your daily life

15 short videos

  • To clearly demonstrate each Sophrology exercise

Downloadable PDFs

  • Where you can keep track of your experience, a simple well-being questionnaire and cards to map your practice

Access to the BeSophro online course community

  • On Facebook where Dominique will do monthly practices and you will get a chance to connect with other people practising.

Begin your journey with Dominique & SOPHROLOGY ONLINE. Visit to find out more.

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