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Our story

The Sophrology Network

The Sophrology Network (TSN) is a global online hub connecting the world with qualified Sophrologists.

Whether you are just discovering how Sophrology can help you, or are already using Sophrology as part of your daily life, TSN aims to help you find the connections and skills you need to thrive.

We look forward supporting you through Sophrology and our wonderful community of professionals.

Forging Ahead

TSN co-founders Dominique Antiglio and Florence Pasteur are both qualified, accredited and widely experienced global Sophrologists who gained their Masters in Sophrology with Dr. Alfonso Caycedo, the founder of Sophrology.

Convinced that Sophrology brings a simple and powerful answer to today’s mental wellbeing challenges, they are passionate about spreading the benefits of Sophrology far and wide. 

Firm Foundations

The Sophrology Network was co-founded in 2011 by Dominique Antiglio, Florence Pasteur, Brigitte Rinner, Fatou Lefeuvre and Annik Glasgow – all sharing a common vision to introduce Sophrology throughout the UK.

A decade on, Dominique and Florence have elevated this shared vision to break down borders and share Sophrology with the world. Well-established in Europe for over 50 years, Sophrology is now rapidly reaching an English speaking audience worldwide.


Dominique and Florence work with clients and Sophrologists across the globe.

They believe in high standards of professionalism in delivering Sophrology to the clients and mutual support and collaboration between Sophrologists.

Their openminded and creative approach and interest in the individual are key elements of their success.

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