Who We Support

TSN for Clients and Corporates

Through TSN online platform, our clients can discover more about Sophrology and its benefits; find a Qualified Sophrologist for face to face or online individual sessions; and find Sophrology classes and events near them.

TSN for Qualified Sophrologists

TSN members are accredited and qualified Sophrologists, ensuring a high degree of professionalism. Each TSN member is valued for their individuality and expertise.

The Network provides a professional, supportive and inclusive community for sharing ideas, values and skills, and contributes to the growth of Sophrology worldwide. It also allows each Sophrologist to increase their visibility and reach clients worldwide.

TSN for Students in Sophrology

TSN plays an important role in helping Sophrology students learn from experienced practitioners and prepares them to champion best practice.

Students can benefit from exclusive Sophrology content and gain the opportunity to learn from some of the best Sophrologists around the world.

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