Your Cancer journey… made easier with Sophrology

When a patient first receives their cancer diagnosis, the shock is immense. Suddenly it’s the C-word, Cancer. Confirmed.

Their stress levels go through the roof. They feel anxious, fearful, confused…

None of which is going to help them with their cancer journey.
But this is where Sophrology can help.

IN 2018, a French study showed that relaxation therapies such as Sophrology and hypnosis, appears to be an interesting additional tool for the management patients in oncology, inducing a reduction in stress, pain and anxiety in patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiology.

By harmonising the body and mind through simple techniques which are easy to learn and a pleasure to practice, the patient is able to manage the anxiety, the nausea, fatigue and insomnia which so often accompany their treatment.

Sophrology helps cancer patients to:
– Manage pain,
– Prepare for surgical intervention and accept the transformation of their body after surgery.
– Manage stress, anxiety and fears about the future
– Strengthen positive physical and mental wellness
– Build self-esteem and confidence
– Eliminates anxiety about upcoming treatments and reduces fatigue.

Most of all, it gives a person that “fighting spirit” they will need to beat this thing.

People undergoing cancer treatment often complain that the treatments make them feel worse than the disease. Sophrology’s gentle exercises, muscle relaxation and breathing techniques allow the mind to find a way through the pain and distress.

Then there is the fatigue – a major part of chemotherapy’s list of side-effects. Here again, sophrology helps the patient regain a sense of vitality. Through visualisation exercises – seeing themselves once again full of energy helps the body develop its own defences.

And cancer treatments are long. Without help in maintaining a focus on recovery, it can be all too easy for a patient to begin to drift.

Sophrology can provide that focus and help with the determination to develop and maintain a less stressful lifestyle.
It is all about self-worth – a sense of well-being despite everything. These are the hallmarks of a patient who practices Sophrology on a regular basis.

This is long term support. The techniques should be practiced throughout the course of the treatment, when possible.

Valerie Lewis from Sophrology Wales offers 8 weekly online group sessions on Tuesdays from 2pm to 3pm, starting 25th April until the 13th June 2023.
Cost: £120

Also available are:
Face-to-face group sessions in Conwy (on demand)
Individual appointments

For an initial discussion and to book your place, please contact Valerie on
07713 953 602 or email

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